Shocking! Panda’s death stirs international scandal

Xing Xing aka Kou Kou

Xing Xing aka Kou Kou

The death of a panda at a Japanese zoo has strained diplomatic relations between Beijing and Tokyo.

China has dispatched a team of officials to investigate the death of Xing Xing during a routine procedure last week.

Xing Xing, a 14-year-old male also known as Kou Kou, reportedly died after being anesthetized by zookeepers who were preparing to collect sperm to use in the artificial insemination of his partner, Tan Tan.

The death of the panda, who had been on loan to Oji Zoo in Kobe since 2002, stirred conspiracy theories in China.

Diplomatic relations between China and Japan were already under strain as they hash out the fate of a Chinese fishing boat captain .

The captain’s boat collided with two Japanese coast guard ships in disputed waters last week. Japanese authorities claim the captain deliberately struck the vessels. The panda died on Thursday — just two days after the collision.

Citing Shanghai’s Oriental Morning Post, Britain’s Daily Telegraph newspaper reported that a breeding agreement with Japan includes a clause for $500,000 in compensation should a panda die.

Under a 10-year breeding agreement, officials sent Xing Xing from the Wolong Panda Research Center in southwestern China’s Sichuan province to replace another male panda, Xinhua reported.

The bear reportedly was scheduled to return to China in July but the China Wildlife Conservation Association extended its agreement with the zoo by five years.

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One thought on “Shocking! Panda’s death stirs international scandal

  1. Aww, poor panda. Aside from all the political wrangling, that poor panda died when they were trying to get sperm. He didn’t eve have the fun that comes with ‘doing the deed’ himself.

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