Shocking! Church and pets, should they be divided?

Reverend Thea Keith-Lucas greeted by pet and parishioner.(Photo:

Reverend Thea Keith-Lucas greeted by pet and parishioner.(Photo:

Do animals belong in church? (Photo:

Do animals belong in church? (Photo:

Below is a wonderful story about  The Calvary Episcopal Church in Danvers, Massachusetts that welcomes parishioners and animals to a monthly mass.

Here is why we object to the story:

UPI, who originally wrote the story, filed it under ODD NEWS!  What?

This is an outrageous filing of this news! Honestly, we think this is a wonderful story and we would love to have a service like this offered in our area.

Via their website, The Calvary Pet Ministry Services feature:

• A half-hour celebratory Service that welcomes all faiths  • Paper Pet Prayers for those animal friends unable to attend because   of temperament or illness, or those who are deceased.  • Hands-on blessings for animal friends attending  • Holy Communion for those who wish to participate • Pastoral blessing for all who wish it • Homily by Rev. Thea Keith-Lucas Why a People-and-Pets Ministry?      Perfect Paws Pet Ministry Web design by The Marketing Collaborative   Calvary Episcopal Church: Fostering love and respect for all life.  All faiths welcome!  • A place where people and animals are spiritual partners … a place where we foster the respect and love for all life. • Kindness for animals builds a better world for all of us. • Every major faith endorses the responsible stewardship of the earth and all of its creatures.   Caring for animals is our global spiritual responsibility. • Calvary is a church where we share a common commitment to caring for all of God’s creatures.

What more can we say?


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