Shocking animal news! Giant Blue Whale & Baby wash up on beach

From AOL:

Hundreds of hikers, scientists and schoolkids are flocking to a northern California beach to see the carcass of an 80-foot pregnant blue whale that washed ashore last weekend after apparently colliding with a ship.

The dead whale and its fetus washed up Saturday on a rocky beach in Bean Hollow State Park near Pescadero. It’s believed to be the first time in more than 30 years that a blue whale — the world’s largest known creature — has washed up on U.S. shores.

Blue whale washes up on shore Photo:

The carcass of an 80-foot blue whale and unborn calf drew scientists and visitors to Bean Hollow State Beach near Pescadero, Calif., on Wednesday.
Researchers collecting tissue and bone samples from the whale’s 75-ton carcass concluded Wednesday that it died of blunt-force trauma, likely in a collision with a large boat, the Half Moon Bay Review reported.

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