Share Belly Rubs with the Pack

We talked about the benefits of belly rubs in our show 78.  Take a listen if you would like to hear the details, but here is a synopsis…


Share Belly Rubs with the Pack


Belly rubs!

Belly rubs!

What pet doesn’t love a belly rub or ear scratch?  If you are fortunate enough to have more that one pet in your life, do you notice how one pet comes over if the other pet is getting the rubbies?  It just makes everyone feel good to give and receive praise.  Positive reinforcement works wonders.

Every rescued pet has a story, a story you don’t know all of the details about.  Like people, we don’t know all of the experiences they have had before they come into our lives.  When we work as a pack or pride, we are individuals, put together to achieve a common goal.

Some pack members may think the goal is unattainable.  Some may doubt the group’s leadership and challenge the alpha. Some may leave the pack to seek another.  Usually when conflict arises, the other pack or pride members help squelch the uprising if they believe, with conviction, the purpose of the group.

Think about your own life, associations and memberships.  Do you act as a valuable team member?  Does your leader praise a job well done?  Have you seen productivity increase as a result?

Joe often says, “Give me the group of so called misfits, I’ll take them any day over the so called normal people.”  What he means is, people with heart and no coaching or guidance or positive reinforcement, don’t achieve their full potential because of their individual circumstance.

Coaching to greatness, whether it’s your kids, your team, your co-workers, pets or relatives includes belly rubs for triumphs.  The group of so-called misfits can be a pack that just has not been properly guided and their good behavior has not been praised.

One of the worst offenses in pack leadership is the fact that people have the “I” syndrome and not the “We” mentality.  This turns so many people off and totally deflates their enthusiasm for a project.  Praise the group, the team, the pack or the pride.  Belly rub everyone that does a good job.  Reinforce positive performance.

You don’t know if that misfit or scared rescue pet can turn out to be the next Broadway star of Annie.  Through proper coaching, guidance and belly rubs, we can help those around us achieve their full potential.

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