Seven foot gator comes through doggy door

You never know what will come in your doggy door.  How about a 7 ft.  alligator?  For real!

A paper in Palmetto, FL is reporting a Tampa-area resident, Alexis Dunbar came home to a hissing gator in her bathroom.  Her boyfriend used a small table to keep the gator in the bathroom until the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation responded.

Dunbar has a doggy door for her 2 cats to come and go as they please.  The cats are unharmed.  Dunbar’s neighbor reported she heard patio furniture being knocked over at 3:00 AM the day prior, and Dunbar did not return to her home until noon the following day.  The gator had quite a party in the house for several hours, moving furniture around and disturbing the blinds.

Unfortunately, this story does not have a happy ending.  Florida considers gators longer than 4 ft. a nuisance and they are destroyed when they are captured.  What’s up with that Florida?  Don’t you have the Everglades?  Didn’t we just run a story about how gators need to be tracked and conserved?

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