Secret millionaire leaves over $2 million to animal charities

Here is a wonderful article full of mystery.  We just smiled when we read it.

From the BBC

Widower from Southport leaves £1.4m to animal charities

pastedGraphic.pdfGordon and Jean Hardy, who married in 1953, were described as “so content”

A widower who gave himself £20 (about $32)  a month in spending money has left £1.4m (about 2.2 million) to three animal charities in his will.

Gordon Hardy and his wife Jean lived in sheltered accommodation in Southport on Merseyside. Mrs Hardy died in 2007 and her husband two years later, aged 83.

Mr Hardy specified he wanted his estate to be divided between the PDSA,

Blue Cross and The Donkey Sanctuary .

Neighbours said they had no idea the couple were millionaires as they lived modestly and did not have a television.

When the house was cleared, there were no clothes in the wardrobes.

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