Sad and Glad about this Animal Abuse Case

The norm for animal abuse cases of late seems to be the, in our opinion,  the punishment not fitting the crime…at all.  The lack of punishment for animal abusers is just maddening and frustrating on many levels.

In the case of farm animal abuse, we were very surprised to hear that the bail for a  farm worker in Ohio was set at $100,000.  The six figure bail dollar level was probably set at this higher than usual amount, due to covert footage supporting the case filmed by an animal rights group, Mercy For Animals.  Congratulations to them for their success in supporting this case.

You might have read some of our past posts about animal abuse as a gateway crime to child abuse.  Do you think, as a society, we will ever take animal abuse seriously?

Article From the AP News Wire:

Bond at $100K for Ohio farm worker in cruelty case

Billy Joe Gregg Jr. Photo Credit AP

MARYSVILLE, Ohio – An Ohio dairy farm has asked veterinarians to independently review an animal rights group’s video of cows being punched, kicked and poked with pitchforks.

Conklin Dairy Farms Inc. said in a statement Thursday that the undercover video shot by Mercy For Animals is missing context of how the farm is operated responsibly. The farm in Plain City in central Ohio again condemned the abuse seen in the footage.

The farm did not immediately respond to a message for further comment.

A Conklin farm worker charged with 12 counts of cruelty to animals remained jailed on Thursday after a judge set bond at $100,000.

The farm says it fired 25-year-old Billy Joe Gregg Jr. on Wednesday, the day of his arrest. He returns to court next month to enter a plea.

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