Relationship Advice for People with Pets, How to Make Your Partner Purr

How to Make Your Partner Purr!

Make your partner purr! (photo:

Make your partner purr! (photo:

Relationship advice for people with pets brought to you by The Love Genies, Robbin and Joseph Everett.  We discussed this topic on episode 94.  Tune in to hear the entire discussion.  Below is a synopsis…

Ok, this topic sounds a little Purrr-vey! But BARE with us! (Oh the puns!)

In the busy state of the world today, people hardly get a chance to breathe.  Even when we are not working, our minds seem to be racing with the 1,000 things we need to be doing next.  It is so hard to be in the moment.

Being in the moment can actually make us feel anxious!  Relaxing and enjoying is a lost art.  Spending time with someone special should be a great experience filled with laughter and fun and certainly shouldn’t  be another cause for anxiety.

So how do we make people feel special?  By listening to them.  It’s actually that simple.  Slowing down the wheels in our mind and …it’s ok to laugh here….the voices in our head opens us up to other people.

Joe used to say that I had a hearing problem because I didn’t hear what he was saying.  I scheduled an appointment at the audiologist to get my hearing checked because we were both very concerned.

The Dr. ran a series of tests.  He came back into the exam room to deliver the results and he asked me a question.  He said, “Are you a busy person?”  I replied, “YES!”  Between the TV show, at the time, a blog, and everything else we had on our plate I was completely overloaded.

The Dr. told me my hearing was one of the best that he has ever seen.  He explained that when we are busy, our brains basically don’t allow our ears to hear when we are preoccupied with our own thoughts.  He said he has experienced this frequently with busy executives.  The Dr. then asked me another question.  He asked,  “What I wanted my spouse to know?“ I didn’t understand the question.

The Dr. explained that on occasion, the executives he was testing asked him to tell their spouses that they did in fact have a hearing problem.  This would keep harmony in the home and lead to less fighting!    This is a true story!  The Dr. and I had a good laugh and I explained that wouldn’t be necessary in my case.

I do however, need to make an effort to listen to people.  I usually make lists of everything I need to do, just to try to empty out my brain.  This way, I can be more open to my surroundings.  Our pets are always listening.  It is instinctual for them.  Survival instincts passed down for generations to assure the proliferation of the species.  Just crinkle a bag or open a can of tuna and watch your pride or pack members come running.

This leads us to our point.  The sexiest, most thoughtful thing you can do for your partner is to listen to them.  Self-centered individuals or those people who don’t know what is important to you, need to listen to you.  This is the foundation for a great relationship.

Making your partner purr simply begins with listening to them and validating them.

Stay tuned for Part II next week, Beyond Making Your Partner Purr.

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