Reiki For Sid-A Catahoula Leopard Dog



Candy and Ming submitted this heartwarming post about Sid’s Reiki session.  This is from Sid’s Pawrents:

Sid is a Catahoula Leopard Dog. He’s kind of our “middle” guy. We adopted Sid August 26, 2008, a little over two months after our Eddie (greyhound/shepherd) died of Hemangiosarcoma. He was chosen by our elderly pitbull chow Otis. Otis had a hard time getting along with others but always picked great friends. Sid kept Otis company until Otis died in May 2009.

Sid is a sweet boy. He was found living in a cornfield with his siblings downstate. He loves to play ball and will only play with one specific type of ball, a Planet Dog Snowball. He loves kitties and is especially fond of Dilbert. He and Noah are starting to cuddle a bit, which is sweet. Sid is particularly attached to me and sleeps laying on top of me most nights (between Sid, my husband and two cats, it’s a bit crowded). He has started having some anxiety surrounding us leaving for trips. Since a trip in June he has started trying to get out to follow us to the car with our suitcases. It takes him a while to get used to new things. When we adopted him he was terrified of cars. After just a bit of work, he loves car rides. 

He is in good health but has been having some strange liver bile acid issues that have been checked twice since September.

The session:

As we connected with Sid, Sid said right away, Sid knows this sensation. Noah receives the healing energy because Sid absorbed it during Noah’s session. Now Sid is the receiver and the others can absorb from Sid’s session. Sid is feeling very special right now. Sid feels special lots of times in my family. My parents see to it that each of their babies know that they are loved and cared for. Sid feels important and very valued in our family. Sid does not feel good about my parents leaving Sid. They say they are coming back but Sid doesn’t understand time. Sid feels safest when we are all home and things remain the same. We then asked Sid if he would like his own angel. Sid said, Sid’s own angel when they go away? Sid said Noah has angels to talk to. Sid thinks Sid would like this! We told him his angel would help him feel safe and protected until Mom and Dad returned home. Sid said then Sid wants a DOG angel just like Sid. We said, okay Sid, then you will have a DOG angel but there is only one amazing Sid! Sid said, I know! :)

A note from Sid’s folks after the session:

Hi Ming – Thank you! Sid is very silly. I’m not surprised he wants a dog Angel. He probably wants to even things up :) Thank you so much for helping with this and sending a healing to balance out his liver enzymes. He’ll go back to have his regular six month wellness check and we’ll see how it goes then. (Candy said Sid is brilliant for asking for a dog angel:))

Sid and Dilbert

Sid and Dilbert

Dilbert and Sid were napping on the bed together when you sent the healing so guess that he received a little too!

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