Reiki For Scootie Cat With Lymphoma



Reiki For Scootie Cat With Lymphoma

January 13, 2015

by Reiki Fur Babies

Hi there. I just bought a Reiki session for my cat, and realized that I didn’t send you her information. My cat Scootie just turned 16-years-old and she was diagnosed with lymphoma last March. They only expected her to live for a month or so, but bless her, she’s still here 9 months later. I feel like it’s almost time for her to go, and I’m trying to accept it, but it’s not easy. So, I guess what I’d love is for her to have healing if it’s not too late, or if it is, for any pain she has to be healed and for her to be comfortable and unafraid from now until the time she leaves her little body. I love her so much and I just want to do whatever I can for her right now. I feel so helpless watching her age and be ill and it just breaks my heart. But, if I can let her go knowing I’ve at least given her some comfort, that would make me so happy. (Btw-along with her cancer she also has arthritis and I think she’s becoming senile as well, just in case you guys might need to know. ) One final thing I wanted to ask about. I noticed that during the healings someone communicates with the pet. When you do, would you please tell my little girl that I love her?


When we sent Scootie the healing: Scootie shared: Scootie said Scootie feels very loved and cherished by Mom. Scootie knows Mom will always do what is best for Scootie today, tomorrow until Mom will know because Mom is Mom. Scootie will always be connected soul to soul to Mom . What a unique and loving experience Scootie has lived here with Mom. Scootie is grateful for Scootie’s unforgettable life here with Mom. Scootie feels tired a lot now. So Scootie sleeps and now Scootie’s Angel (mom) has brought another angel to be with Scootie, always! Mom always knows what to do and when.


A few days later we heard back: I wanted to let you know that little Scootie has been doing pretty good since the healing. She has seemed hungrier than she had been, and more vocal and coming to get me more often either for food or to just hang out with her in the other room. It’s nice to see because my little pumpkin has lost so much weight from the cancer, and wasn’t eating as much as she used to. Plus she had become a little hermit, sort off being off to herself for several weeks. So, I’m definitely seeing a change and it’s very sweet. I also loved what you told me about what she was feeling/thinking. It touched my heart and makes me even crazier about her than ever. My little angel. : ) Thanks so much for doing this for both of us–I really appreciate it. –

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