PTUSM Pet Radio Show 65, Finding Unconditional Love in Romantic Relationships

What has Rover taught us about a lover? (Photo:

What has Rover taught us about a lover? (Photo:

Pets do teach us so much, but what have they taught us about unconditional love in the romantic relationships we seek with humans?  Join the Love Genies, Robbin and Joseph Everett on their popular pet radio show, Pets Teach Us So Much, as they discuss how pets teach us  so much about love!

Their personal stories will move you and motivate you to find your heart’s desire, the relationship you always wished for.

Plus all of the latest pet news and information from around the world.

Call in with your questions (760) 683-2665 or email them to

The show airs at 6:30 PM EST on Blog Talk Radio.  Jump into the chat room to chat during the show.

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