Princess the Camel predicts the Giants vs the Vikings

Good pick last week girl. Belichick and the Patriots smoked the Jets. I guess the Jets coach Ryan is going to have to kiss Belichick’s Super Bowl rings after all.

Hey, John, that reminds me of a song. Sing with me, it goes to the tune of “Oh Susanna” …are you ready?

Oh Rex Ryan, Oh don’t you cry to me. You can kiss Bill Belichick’s rings now, so get down on your knee.

Ha Ha Ha!!! That was fun John. Well, let’s just hope the Jets can re-group and get over this. What game we got this week?

Girl, we’ve got the Giants going to Minnesota to play the Vikings … so let’s get to it.

Princess making her pick.

Princess picks the GIANTS to win!!!

Girl you see that? … you picked the Giants. Talk about the Jets getting smoked. The Giants got smoked by the Vikings last year 40 something to 7. Are you sure about this?

As sure as I am that you have more graham crackers in your hand. I heard all that stuff about last year John. And I heard all about Favre. What’s he got a broken shoulder this week? And, yet he’s still going to play. But if he does, he’s not going to last a whole game – not with that Giants defense. I think it’s about time for him to hang up his cleats.

Now how about we finish up those graham crackers John.

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