Princess The Camel Predicts Super Bowl 2010, 44, XLIV & PPZ Update

We had so much fun visiting Princess the Camel!  She is so adorable and has big, brown, kind eyes.  In celebration of the Super Bowl, she predicts the outcome of the game.

Other Popcorn Park Zoo News

On a sad note, John Bergman, Director of the Popcorn Park Zoo,  informed us of Gina the Tiger’s passing.  You may remember Gina from the Big Cat Rescue Episode.  John and the staff at the zoo did everything they could to diagnose Gina using both conventional medicine and animal communicators.  An animal communicator spoke with Gina and with her enclosure mate Dante. 

Gina told the animal communicator that she knew she was very ill and that she would be crossing over soon.  She was fine with moving on.  Dante understood that is was Gina’s time to go and requested to see her body after she had passed. John and the staff made sure his request was honored.

Post mortem results showed that Gina had tumors throughout her body. May you rest in peace dear Gina the Tiger.  Thank you for sharing your story and exposing a “canned” Tiger hunt to the world.  The world is a better place because you were here.  Special kudos to John and his staff for using “unconventional” medicine to further understand the needs of animals.

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