Princess the Camel predicts Jets vs Vikings outcome

Once again it’s time to peak into the camel habitat at the Popcorn Park Zoo.  A rescue zoo funded totally by donations.

Hey girl good job. I never would have believed it.

Believed what John? Oh the game. You left the radio on so I was listening to it but those Sunday night games I can’t stay up that late anymore.
Girl, the Giants beat the Bears.

They What? Ummmm, I mean I knew they would. I told you my friend Coach Tom was going to straighten them out.

Oh girl, we got another night game, this one is Monday night.

Ok John who’s playing?

Minnesota Vikings are coming to the new Meadowlands to play the Jets.

Alright John, lets get to my favorite part, where you let me eat the graham crackers.

Princess picking between the Jets and the Vikings.

She picks the Jets.

The Jets, that’s a little iffy girl. I know the Vikings lost 2 games but they looked good against Detroit and they’ve had two weeks to prepare for the Jets. You know Favre is their QB now and he is coming back to the Meadowlands to play his former team – The Jets.

Favre??? The same Favre that was the Jets one season wonder, who retired for the 2nd time and beat feet out of NY to play in Minn? We talking about the same guy? Oh, he’ll throw 2 or 3 interceptions and the Jets will win this one.

Well girl, who am I to argue with you. You’re 3 and 1 so far, and at least 3 of those games I thought you were going out on a limb. And for a girl your size, a limb is no place to be.

Hey John, watch it!!!

Has Princess gone out on a limb? Time will tell. Watch the game or check back here for how she did.

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