Princess the Camel Playoff Picks Colts vs Jets

Well, you were right last week girl. The Giants won but they didn’t get that miracle they needed to get into the playoffs so they’re done for the year.

Yeah it looks as if they saved the coach’s job for another year but they’re going to have to make some changes. What game we got this week John?

The regular season is over girl so we are going into the post-season. And the Jets 3-ring circus has made it into the playoffs; we’re going to do their game.

PFFFF….Rex “The Clown” Ryan got his team in….. huh, John? This should be fun!!! I bet he’s talking all week about the beat down the Jets are going to put on the Colts and how they are going to win the Super-Bowl next month.

Really, girl, clown or no clown, this is going to be a tough game. You never know what to expect from the Jets.

John can I just have some grahams, maybe think about the pick for a while? Maybe till next week!!!

Ah come on girl you’ve got to do it…don’t be shy…come on.

Alright John ummm…..let me think…let me think.

Alright I’m taking this one! Here’s your winner!

Princess picks the Colts to beat her favorite “funnyman” Rex Ryan and his Jets.

You sure about this girl? Manning still doesn’t have everybody back and if that “funnyman” gets that 3-ring circus in gear they can be a pretty tough team.

John I think Peyton is chomping at the bit to get to the funnymans defense.

Ok good luck Princess

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