Princess the Camel picks football playoff game Jets vs Steelers

Hey, what happened? Jets won again. Seems like you have something personal against the Jets’ Coach Rex Ryan. Every time you pick against them they seem to win.

I need a shoulder to cry on John.
Whoa……. girl you are kind of big for that.

John are you bringing up my weight again?

No, girl, just that you’re a little toooo ummmm ……………. tall!!!

Yeah right ……  what game do we have this week, John?

Well, girl, because the Jets won again last week they are playing this week. The AFC Championship game against the Steelers.

Princess makes her pick

Princess picks the Steelers to Win!

There you go again, girl, picking against the Jets and your favorite funnyman – Rex Ryan. I know you don’t like all the trash talking the Jets do, but they’ve been pretty quiet this week after beating the Patriots … Remember …  you picked the Patriots. Rex Ryan has been pretty inconspicuous this week.

John, Rex Ryan inconspicuous? He’s is about as inconspicuous as a turd in a punchbowl. You wait … he’ll be putting his “Foot” in his mouth before Sundays game.

Really John, I give the Jets a lot of credit, but I don’t think the they’re are going to intimidate the Steelers Quarterback like they did Brady. And big Ben should get the Steelers in position to win late in the game.

Now I see you have some graham crackers there … lets open them up and finish those puppies up

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