Princess the Camel Picks Football! Jets vs Pats

What happened last week girl?
I don’t know John I didn’t see the paper this morning. Colts won right?
Sorry Princess the Jets won with a field goal in the last seconds.

What!!! You mean the funnyman really won?

Princess,I told you if he gets that 3-ring circus in gear they can be dangerous. Yeah, your funnyman and his Jets are on to the second round of the playoffs. And that’s the game we are picking this week.
So they won on a field goal… huh … I bet the funnyman massaged his kicker foot before he sent him out there. (chuckle chuckle)

Well, girl let’s get to the pick. The Jets are playing the Patriots.

N. Y. Jets vs. N. E. Patriots

Princess makes her pick

Princess picks the “Patriots” to win!!

Is that your final answer? Um, I mean pick girl.

Yeah that’s it John I give that funnyman Rex and his Jets credit, they did good last week. But against Brady and Belichick, I don’t think they’re going to do as good. It won’t be like the 45 – 3 shellacking last time, but the Patriots will win.

Well, good luck with the pick girl. For your sake I hope I am wrong but I think the Jets are on a roll.
John, they’re on a roll, like pork roll and egg on a roll, and by the looks of Rex he looks like he’s ate a whole bunch of them. John do I look like I’m worried?

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