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Our little dogs have a tough time gaining traction on our hardwood floor.  Philomena, the Miniature Pinscher, flies around the floor like a Formula One racecar with no brakes.  To her credit, she will use soft objects to slow herself down.  She will leap across the floor onto her bed which is against the wall in an attempt to stop the forward motion.  Chachala, our Chihuahua, will slip and slide when she tries to gain speed.  Our dog’s mobility truly worries us both, as we are always reminding the girls to take in easy and slow down.

Needless to say, we jumped at the chance to test out Power Paws.  Basically they are socks with rubber treads to increase grip.

Power Paws

Power Paws

We received the packages of Power Paws and they are sooo cute!

Chachala is a fashionista, so she was the first to choose which pair of Power Paws she wanted to try.

Chachala checking out Power Paws

Chachala checking out Power Paws

Donning the Power Paws was easiest when we rolled them inside out over our index finger and thumb then gently holding the sides of the paw and rolling it up over the paw.  It was a little tricky until we got our groove, then we got it down.  This was the result:

Chachala trying on Power Paws

Cha is thinking..."Is that dish scrubby brush trying to clean my ear? By the way, Ummmm…there are 'Things' on my paws!"

They looked adorable!

Function definitely met form.  The Power Paws kept the dogs from sliding on the floor.  Although they took a few moments to adjust to having the Power Paws on, they didn’t slide a bit once they started walking around.  Cha wore hers into her bed and one came off from grabbing the pile fleece in the bed but she modeled the Power Paws and trotted while we told her how pretty she looked.

The Power Paws would also come in handy if one of the dogs paws were injured, as topical medicines and dressings could be protected.  They would be very good to have on hand for any breed of dog.

Phil in Power Paws

Phil in Power Paws

We believe that with continued positive condition our dogs could wear the Power Paws on a day to day basis and enjoy the benefits of not sliding around on the floor.  Whether or not you have non-carpeted flooring, Power Paws are good to have in your emergency bag to assist with dressing hurt paws and recommended retail price is $19.99.

One lucky reader will win a set of Power Paws.

You can enter repeatedly in the following ways:

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You can enter up to 6 times.  If you already friend, follow etc., just let us know which entries you qualify for.

The contest runs now through January 5. One winner will be chosen at random .  Good luck and Happy Holidays!

For more information about Power Paws go to: http://woodrowwear.com/products/power-paws/

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10 thoughts on “Power Paw Product Review & Giveaway

  1. I have very hairy paws, the fur grows between the pads on my feet. I will only let my groomer touch my paws, so Mom can keep it cut between visits to the groomer, we have hardwood floors and I do crash into the walls and if the door is unexpectedly closed, I am in real trouble! Thinking Power Paws is just the remedy to my traction troubles! Please pick me! Buddy
    Buddy Hosp´s last blog post ..For Dusty

  2. The CatAWhack Crew’s canine consultant Renshu has two front legs and one back leg. Although there are two rugs positioned on the wood floors for moving through the house and to the front and back doors, there are times when his back leg will slip or slide out from underneath him when he accelerates too quickly on the slick surface. This sometimes causes his pelvis to come into contact with the floor causing some discomfort. Power Paws seems like a great solution allowing him to maneuver around the house with ease and without potential injury or incident.

  3. I feel like I have to run everywhere, don’t know why, it’s just how I am. It makes stopping very tricky since I have wood floors in my house and I think Power Paws would really help. I’ve been known to slide right into the coffee table and chairs. My mom is threatening to make me wear a helmet if I don’t stop.

  4. My dog, Nutty, is 13 years old now. No one told her to loose her puppy spirit. Unfortunatly, her paws don’t always keep up with her crazy antics causing her to slip and slide in the house and outside. Her paws were so raw from the Blizzard of 2010 she refused to go outside at all. She would love a pair to help keep her mobile. Thanks so much for the contest and thinking of us!!

  5. My senior dog Pete is slipping and sliding on our hard wood floors in his old age. We carry him up and down the stairs so he won’t slip and fall, which he has done. I hope Power Paws will help.

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