Potential Raw Diet Danger-Updated!

Bichon Frise

Please see Raw Food Recall information posted today for Natures Variety food at http://www.naturesvariety.com/news/33

So many friends talk about feeding raw diets to their pets.  One of our friends feeds raw because her dogs has lots of allergies.  The Vet recommended feeding raw due to wheat allergies among others.  The little bichon mix pooch was scratching himself bare in some areas.

With that said, we have thought about bacteria counts in raw foods.  You buy it frozen, thaw it and there you have it.  We wonder about the consistent temperature during shipping and storage at the pet food store.  Not to mention the potential for ecoli bacteria and salmonella potentially flourishing under these  conditions.  Are these foods produced in an FDA approved human grade processing facility? We don’t know.

Our featured blogger, Stephanie Suesan Smith wrote a great post about Raw Diets detailing symptoms of potential poisoning.  Here is the link: http://blog.stephaniesuesansmith.com/2010/02/26/raw-food-diets-and-your-dog/trackback.aspx


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One thought on “Potential Raw Diet Danger-Updated!

  1. This is awesome information. I have never thought the raw diet as being very good for the dogs. Too much bacteria involved in raw food.

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