Popular Pet Radio Show, Pets Teach Us So Much, Suggests We Cover the Poo in our lives!

Popular Pet Radio Show, Pets Teach Us So Much, Show 83-The Love Genies, Robbin and Joseph Everett alway give it to you straight.  We all need to be living our best life possible, because live is short and we need to enjoy!

In our Love Genies segment last night we talked about  dealing with the crap in our lives…below is a summary of what we talked about.  To listen to the discussion hit the blog player on our page.

I don't want to deal with your crap!

I don’t want to deal with your crap!


Have you ever seen your dog cover up his poo by scraping the ground and kicking up grass?  How about a cat that digs a hole and covers up his business with a kitty pyramid leaving his Almond Roca covered waiting just for you! (Or in some cases, the dog.

What happens after they do their business?  They walk away from the poo  (And we clan it up but that is a story for another day.) They don’t stay stuck in the poo.  As humans, we may stay stuck in a poo filled situation a bit more than we have a tendency to walk away from it.

Sometimes during your day, do you feel as if someone has left you with a big steaming heaping pile of poop?  What do you do?  Do you get angry?  How long do you stay angry?  How much time and energy do you waste staying angry?  Can you bring yourself out of the anger or bad situation

Walking away from negative feelings, situations and people that leave us feeling spent can be the best way to handle the shit shows we may be exposed to.  Revenge and negativity is not healthy.

No one said being human was easy.  No one said learning life’s lessons would be easy.  Pets teach us to take a cue from their behavior when it comes to dealing with shit, shit shows, shit-ass people and shitty situations. (There…we said it.)

Cover it up and walk away.  Don’t get weighted down in the bad stuff.  Make a choice to look for the good and walk away.  Angels will help guide you to the path you need to be on if you ask after you have learned the lesson.

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