Popular animal radio show, Pets Teach Us So Much talks about Loving after Hurt

Popular animal radio show, Pets Teach Us So Much, features a Love Genies segment every week dedicated to helping pet owners live their best life and having the best relationships in their lives.

Pets teach us how to love.

Pets teach us how to love.

Show 84 talked about loving after being hurt.  Below is a synopsis of what was discussed.  To listen to the full discussion, download the show via iTunes or click the show player on this page.

Loving after hurt…

Many surrendered pets come from horrible situations.  We can only imagine the conditions and experiences of these poor animals before they enter our lives.  Some dogs bark at boots because they were kicked.  Some kittens hide under beds when they here a particular voice tone, because it reminds them of the bad situation they might come from.

It’s not their fault.  These innocent creatures are victims of bad circumstances.  But these souls retain the somewhat Pavlovian response when presented with a similar stimulus.  Sometimes, people use animal communicators  so they can understand what is going on in the mind of their new pets because they just don’t understand the behavior.

This happens in human relationships as well.  If our partner displays a negative behavior that a former partner used to display you might have the same negative response.  We have all been there.  Some of the arguments we have in our current relationships are not about the person you are arguing with at all.  Is it about a parent?  A former partner?  A brother or sister?

It’s hard to love after you have been kicked and down.  It’s hard to crawl out of the corner of your cage after you have been abused and mistreated.  It’s hard to trust and move forward.  But allowing yourself to be open to the relationship is half the battle.  Understanding where the hurt is coming from is the other half.

Move forward.  Take a chance. Learn that love is, in fact, having the other person put you first.  Hug a kitten and let them know you are there and it is OK to be comfortable in this forever space and place and time.  Show a dog that their crate is a good, soft place all of their own.  The food and water will always be there and so will you.

Forever means forever.  But being in the moment, without worry is so important.  It’s so hard to love without being in the moment.  Worries about hurt, disappointment and regret can lead to a lifetime of failed relationships.  Learning to love after being hurt is not easy.

Being open, being in the here and now will help you love after hurting.  With the right guidance and trust, we can find the right forever home for our hearts after hurting, just like our pets.



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