Popular animal internet radio show, Pets Teach Us So Much, discusses using your instincts to stay alive

common cat sense

common cat sense


In episode 88 of popular animal internet radio show, Pets Teach Us So Much, the Love Genies, Robbin and Joseph Everett discuss using your animal instincts to stay alive.  Here is a synopsis of the conversation:

Learn Cat Sense

Cat senses guilt, you can too.

How do animals know whom to avoid?  When animals see the darkness in a person’s soul, they will attack or avoid that person like the plague.  It’s a simple fight or flight response developed to maintain the species.

As humans why don’t we listen to our intuition much of the time?  Why don’t we run from bad people and situations?  Technically, we think it’s because we are supposed to have the ability to use logic and reasoning.  Therefore, that which separates us from other species and puts us at the top of the food chain also quells our gut reactions.

We can use logic and reasoning to talk ourselves our of our gut reaction in the most scary situations.  We do this because we follow the crowd like lemmings and we don’t want to be labeled as hysterical or a freak.  How often have you heard the saying, “There is a logical explanation for everything”?  We can fill ourselves with self-doubt all day long.

Recently on an episode of Dateline, a man who ended up on the FBI’s 10 most wanted list was housesitting for his former neighbor prior to committing an armed robbery.  The neighbor was a single woman with a cat.  She left him alone in the house to care for her cat and watch the house while she was traveling.  Upon her return, her soon to be criminal houseguest told her everything was fine, but the cat refused to be in the same room with him.

The house sitter, Jason Derek Brown, is now wanted for first-degree murder and armed robbery.  He has been on the run, alluding capture for 8 years.  As it turned out, this seemingly charming guy had a prior record for shoplifting.

The cat knew to stay away from him.  The cat knew he was a dark soul.

Learn to trust yourself.  Learn to listen to your 6th sense, your “Cat sense”, animal instincts or whatever you want to call it.  Learning to trust yourself could save your life.

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