Pets Teach Us So Much welcomes new sponsor, iLeesh


The fabulous iLeesh


Pets Teach Us So Much blog and radio show is thrilled to announce new sponsor, iLeesh!

iLeesh  is a brand new family owned company  that specializes in designing and  producing pet products with a wide variety of dog breeds.

iLeesh is a first retractable leash with an adorable picture of your dog’s breed right on. Over 50 breeds are available.

Not only is the iLeesh great looking, but here is another reason you want to buy this leash-Most retractable leashes have very thin cords.   If your dog’s leg gets tangled, or some one grabs it while the dog is running, depending on how hard they struggle, they may end up with a severe rope burn.

The advantage of iLeesh, over those dangerous, old fashioned retractable leashes, that it’s made with a soft retractable belt and it will not rope burn your dog.

For dogs up to 44lbs, iLeesh has a medium size leash that is 16 feet long and has a thick retractable belt 1 inch wide with a small latch hook.

For big dogs up to 100lbs iLeesh has a large size leash that is 9 feet long and has a thick retractable belt 2 inches wide and larger super strong latch hook.

It comes in three beautiful colors: Traditional black, girly pink and modern turquoise.

Listen to the fantastic value you are getting with iLeesh:

For only $24.99 you get-

  • A 1-year warranty
  • free shipping,
  • free shipping Insurance,
  • free matching bone shaped waste bag holder with 15 waste bags
  • And a 30-Day money back guarantee.

That’s how confident iLeesh is that you will love their leashes.


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