Pets Teach Us So Much Radio Show 45 with Robbin & Joseph Everett, Ask the Pet Psychic Cynthia Segal and Doggie Eye Exams

Cynthia Segal, Pet Psychic

Cynthia Segal, Pet Psychic

Ohhh yeah! It’s Pets Teach Us So Much party time this Thursday March 1 at 6:30 PM EST!

Superb, spectacular Pet Pyschic, Cynthia Segal ( be here to answer your pet questions and chat about life with pets. It’s always interesting to gain insight from this wonderfully gifted pet pyschic.

Also, Stacee Daniel, the Executive Director of the ACVO is here to talk about the ACVO/Merial National Service Dog Eye Exam Event.

A furry four legged service dog patient

A furry four legged service dog patient

Plus, we have the latest news info and celebrity pet gossip!

Check us out live at to join the chat room.  It’s like being in the studio with The Crew!

You can download to iTunes or listen anytime as well.

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