Pets Teach Us So Much radio show explores life and relationships-The Journey VS. The Destination

The Love Genies- The Journey vs. The Destination

Journey vs. destination (Photo:

Journey vs. destination (Photo:

What is now will not be forever.

As we chat in the coffee rooms of our workplaces in America, we find generally, people say things like, “ I haven’t hit the lottery yet or I certainly wouldn’t be here”.  No one really ever seems to be happy until Friday.  Then the weekend passes way to quick and we are back at work with the Monday blues.

So, this is all very temporary.  These things that surround us.  The only thing that is certain is change.  The boss you don’t like will leave or his boss will leave and the new guy will fire him.  Your best friend will move either closer or farther away.  Your car will get fixed.  Everything is in a constant state of change.

Sometimes we get fixated on the end game.  What is the big goal?  We ask ourselves questions like, why can’t I be rich?  Why can’t I find a better job?  Why can’t I afford the house I want?

Why do we always ask why?  Sometimes we don’t understand.  It’s hard to understand what the plan is for us.  Whatever it is, we need to accept what the plan.  It is a  fantastic journey…

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