Pets Teach Us So Much Radio Show changes air time to accommodate cyber terrorists

You may have read that our radio show and blog were pretty much high-jacked last week.  Cyber terrorists have left their mark with both WordPress and BlogTalkRadio users.

A bug in the works

A bug in the works

We emailed BTR to make them aware of the technical issues we were facing last week.  Listed below is part of the reply we received:

You should’ve received an email from our CEO, Alan Levy (ummm…no we didn’t receive anything), explaining that we have been under attack by hackers carrying out DDOS attacks. Unfortunately, DDOS attacks on prominent websites, banks, and government institutions have become quite common. In recent weeks and months, sites such as Amazon, Facebook, and the Washington Post, among others, were hit by DDOS attacks, resulting in temporary outages. What that basically means is that a hacker uses a robot to simulate hundreds of thousands of people per robot. Then, they take several hundreds or thousands of robots, and have each of them simulate all that traffic, and then they aim it all at one site. Unfortunately, this is not a one time occurrence. These “hackers” have been causing these attacks on Wed. nights for a while, but hit us full force the last few days.

We are working to combat this by beefing up our security and standing vigil with our servers – but the truth is we cannot control what these people are doing. We believe we are getting close to the end of this attack, and hope that you’ll stand by us and understand that it is as miserable for us as it is for you when we have to disappoint any of our hosts.

Today, so far, everything has been quiet, We are truly hoping it stays that way!
If you try scheduling your show outside the 7-9 time slot, you should be okay!

So, in other words, the kinks are not out of the system yet.  These “hackers” are cyber terrorists.  Obviously, disrupting business and communication is what they are doing.  This is a national issue that we need to devote national resources to in order to stop them and bring them to justice.


OK, we will see you on Thursdays now from 6-7 PM EST.


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