Pets Teach Us So Much Radio Show 69, Winning the Alpha Struggle in Your Human Relationship

A pet radio show that gives you love advice?  That’s right! This pet radio show, The Pets Teach Us Much Radio Show gives you pet news plus lessons from our pets in the love department! Pets really do teach us so much.

The Love Genies return with an interesting segment about Winning the Alpha Struggle in your human relationship.  We give you some down home, real advice your Mama never told you.


The relationship struggle for alpha.  Don't worry, The Love Genies can help!

The relationship struggle for alpha. Don’t worry, The Love Genies can help!


Plus Carol Bryant from Fidose of Reality joins us to talk about tips for having a howling good time with your pets this Halloween.

Carol Bryant

Carol Bryant

And cat bloggers Angie Bailey and Nicky Westbrook join us to talk about their latest non-cat related project called 82 South St.  A sketch comedy series available for viewing with a new episode every week…see the press release below.

We will also be giving you the latest pet news, gossip and info from all over the world, so please join us on Thursday, October 25 at 6:30 PM EST live at or download anytime.


Angie Bailey and Nicky Westbrook

Angie Bailey and Nicky Westbrook

Press Release:

New Comedy Web Series From Two Sketchy Ladies!

Chisago City, MN – October, 17 2012 – 82 South St. Productions, LLC is excited to announce the premiere of a twisted new sketch comedy web series, 82 South St., premiering on Monday, Oct 22nd on

After a successful Indiegogo fundraising campaign, this summer funny lady moms Angie Bailey and Nicky Westbrook shot season one of the offbeat, witty web series they co-wrote, co-produced, and co-performed. Having met at an arts college in the late 80’s, Bailey and Westbrook say they’ve always wanted to collaborate on something “smart, silly, and worthy of embarrassing our children.” With storylines that center around a pawn shop that deals in feminine hygiene (Tampawn Shop) and a dismal scrapbooker who creates a highly decorative scrapbook featuring all the horrific low points of her life (Black Scrapbook), 82 South St. straddles the line between dark comedy and absurdity.

Los Angeles-based actor/writer Cullen Douglas says, “In my humble opinion, Nicky and Angie are a couple of MMFS (Mother Making Funny Stuff)!!! Their humor is real and endearing, just like the two of them. The fact that they created the series outside the Hollywood studio system is a testament to their tenacity, know-how and comedic chops. Move over, Laverne and Shirley. You’re being deported, Ab Fab. There’s some new girls in town who’ll make you laugh and clean your room…or no dessert for you!”


Episodes of 82 South St. can be seen starting Monday, October 22nd, on the show’s official

82 South St. includes award-winning writer, blogger, and soon-to-be author of a cat humor parody book, Angie Bailey and award-winning amateur videographer and blogger, Nicky Westbrook.



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