Pets Teach Us So Much Radio Show 58, Music for Pet People and Talking To Pets That Have Crossed Over

Faye Pietrokowsky

Animal Communicator Faye Pietrokowsky ( joins us to discuss some of life’s difficult issues after a pet crosses the rainbow bridge such as the big one…Does my pet that crossed over know that I’ve got a new pet and what do they think about the new pet?

Skip Haynes

Plus we have fabulous music man Skip Haynes, who wrote some of our favorites including SQUEAKY DEAKY!!!!!  Some of the songs heard during the breaks on our show are on Skip’s album- IT’S ALL RIGHT IF MY DOG SLEEPS
ON THE BED ALL NIGHT WITH ME– And Other Songs For Dogs & Dog Lovers.(

And you know we always have laughter and mayhem on the agenda as well!

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About Faye From Her Site:

Inner Design-Applying Intuition had a very organic beginning in in 1986, years before organics became popular. Everything in life works better when people engage their intuition into the decision-making process along with reason and logic. I wanted to help people live richer lives by befriending and utilizing intuition. Inner Design began with private consultations to

assist people in examining and problem solving issues. Intuition classes were offered at community and private colleges, in books stores and in homes. Companies and individuals hired me to educate and entertain guests at events with intuitive sessions.

In the beginning, people met in my office. They asked many questions about the living and deceased. They inquired about existing and new employees, firing, bidding on projects, careers, relocating to other places and pets. My work took me to Los Angeles, Seattle, Wisconsin and Illinois, and the telephone became a way to connect with new and existing clients.

I was intrigued with consulting by email. While Googling, I discovered a horse newsletter that was written by Jenny who lived in England. I emailed her to ask if she would allow me to give her an email consultation. She emailed me some questions about her horse. I emailed her back with some information, and then wrote an summary article for her newsletter. Jenny offered my services in her newsletter and several others emailed me about their horses.

The pet psychic/animal communication classes and consultations have always been a part of my work. It is natural for people to ask about their beloved animal friends as well as to inquire about family, friends and co-workers.

About Skip Haynes CD from

– And Other Songs For Dogs & Dog Lovers –
It’s All Right If My Dog Sleeps On The Bed All Night With Me is our newest release with songs for both dog lovers and their dogs.The CD contains six songs for dog lovers, two songs for dog lovers and their dogs, and two songs which were created specifically for dogs with the help of an animal psychic who acted as a translator. An additional track was created for the American Humane Society and can be used for adoption events
.The title track – It’s All Right If My Dog Sleeps On The Bed All Night With Me, asks the number one question that all dog owners face at some point in their relationship — should I, or should I not, let my dog sleep in bed with me? It’s a subject that dog lovers everywhere feel very strongly about and will evoke a strong reaction from listening audiences.The last track – Squeaky Deaky is a call to action for dogs. If you ask your listeners to bring their dogs into the room to listen and then play Squeaky Deaky, you will be surprised at the reaction. The song was created with the help of an animal communicator who questioned over two hundred dogs as to their taste in music and content then the song was created based on the dogs responses.Tracks include:
It’s All Right If My Dog Sleeps On The Bed All Night With Me (for people)
Riding in the Car, Car (for people & dogs)
Dancing With Dogs (for people)
The Leash Lambada (for people)
You’re a Good Dog (for dogs)
Adopt A Dog Today (for people. Written for the American Humane Society and can be used for pet adoption events)
Dog Dancing (for people & dogs)
Unconditional Love (for people)
Cat Thinks He’s A Dog (not quite sure)
Ugly Dogs Need More Love (for people)
Squeaky Deaky (for dogs)


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