Pets Teach Us So Much Radio Show 39, “Great Guinea Pigs!”

A cat and a guinea pig.  Very cute. (Photo:

A cat and a guinea pig. Very cute. (Photo:

Angela Mitchell

Angela Mitchell

They “Popcorn”,  they squeak and they are just down right adorable but who is a suitable owner for the underappreciated guinea pig?  Angela Mitchell from Guinea Pig joins us to discuss the pro’s and con’s of guinea pigs as pets as well as guinea pig rescue.

Guinea Pig Today

Guinea Pig Today


-Pet health news from around the world (Heart worm pills-warning)

-Odd stories (I can’t believe I ate the whole thing!)

and doo dooot dooo, celebrity pet gossip!


Join us at 6:30 PM EST on Thursday, November 10 to jump in the chat room, (  listen live or you can even download the show after it airs through iTunes!



About Angela:

I have a new site that’s all about life with the modern guinea pig – Guinea Pig Today We invite our readers to submit articles about guinea pig care, experience, commercials, social media, products, reviews and anything else they can imagine. We’re a pro-rescue site and many of our articles are submitted by volunteers with guinea pig rescues all over the world. This is very unique in the guinea pig community where many sites are maintained by a single person and post articles almost exclusively on guinea pig care.

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