Pets Teach Us So Much Radio, #17, The Barbi Twins & Faith the Dog

You have been warned, pull down the safety bar!  The roller coaster ride on Everett and Everett present, “Pets Teach Us So Much Radio” is going to blast off.  Hood rats on patrol, poop tasers set to stun and biodegradable poo pickup bags strapped on our sides.

The Barbi Twins and Hugh Hefner

The Barbi Twins and Hugh Hefner


We are so excited about our guest line up today.  The Barbi Twins, Shane and Sia Barbi, Playboy pinups and models that became animal activists, recently guest posted on our blog about the Canadian Seal hunt.  They will be appearing to talk about the seal hunt and the Kitty Liberation Their organization raises awareness to animal related issues.  The Barbi Twins are vegans, authors and now guests on our show!

Jude Stringfellow and Faith the dog

Jude Stringfellow and Faith the dog

Also,  Faith the Dog’s Mommy Peep, Jude Stringfellow.  You may have seen pictures of this amazing dog walking upright on 2 legs.  Bringing smiles and hope to so many, we will talk to Jude about her journey with Faith.

Faith the Dog

Faith the Dog

And BLOGPAWS, EXCELLENT!  We are counting down to BlogPaws with Yvonne DiVita.  18 Weeks to BlogPaws!  Find out what is going on…get the inside scoop.

Plus tons of current news, celebrity gossip and general Mayhem.

Meet back here Thursday night, April 28 at 6:30 PM.  AND CLICK THIS LINK. Jump into the chat room  for some fun.  We often read comments from the chat room during the show.  Listen any time after that on demand or download through ITunes under Pets Teach Us So Much.

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