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Yippee Kay Yay Cowboys and Cowgirls!  Saddle up and cinch up tight, because this fabulous episode of the most popular pet podcast on the planet, Pets Teach Us So Much, is going to be a wild ride!

We have Part II of the Love Genies segment about confidence in your personal relationships, mainly- we will be talking about leadership skills.

And scheduled to appear:

Author, M. Louise Hedyt will give us the scoop on her new book, Going to the Dogs. 

M. Louise Hedyt, Author, Going to the Dogs

M. Louise Hedyt, Author, Going to the Dogs


Jose Cruz, talking about responsible breeding and his Chatham Hill Dogs.

Jose Cruz

Jose Cruz

And Carol Bryant with the latest scoop from!

Carol Bryant

Carol Bryant

Plus we have pet nutrition and health on tap to discuss and dog news, cat news and tons of fun! Join us Sept. 26 from 6-7 PM EST on , iTunes, Stitcher or on our site anytime.

About our guests:

M. Louise Heydt:

Louise Heydt is the author of “Going to the Dogs, An Incredible True Story.”  She lives in the Ojai Valley in the Central Coastal Region of California.  She has a Master’s Degree in Eastern Classics from St. John’s College in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  She brings her academic knowledge of Buddhism, Hinduism, and the literary classics of India, China and Japan into her writing.  She has traveled extensively in Asia.

She lived on a two hundred acre property surrounded by the Santa Fe National Forest in northern New Mexico for twenty years before moving to California.  This experience resulted in her first book, “Divine Rainbow, Nature as Spiritual Teacher,” published in 2006, which won first place in the New Mexico Book Awards in 2007.

Jose Cruz:

Joe, Kathleen and their 5 children have been running a real world proof of concept since 2004 involving a diversity breeding program to provide a stronger and healthier immune system for owners of the puppies from litters they’ve selectively planed for.  It’s a living experiment that uses a few different breeds to create an outcross in an effort to diversify the gene pool for Flat Coated Retrievers.  Using a process of careful selection to cross lines of Cocker, Field and Springer Spaniels with the Flat Coats and create a hybrid that resembles a smaller retriever they have called the Chatham Hill Retriever.  They also began introducing the Yellow variant of the FCR back into their program, along with future plans to outcross with the Long Haired Weimaraner, which is an uncommon variation of this popular pointer breed.  They’ve further shuffled their genetic deck by also accepting the blue variation of this pointer in their breeding program.  With a long term goal to eventually breed these hybrids back into the foundation stock of dogs until the form and function is just like a Flat Coated Retriever, but with a stronger immune system and less hereditary problems than are currently plaguing the existing gene pool.

They’ve produced over 150 puppies since 2004 with a track record of producing dogs with so few health problems that its now eclipsing what the poor statistical expectations have been for so many other traditional breeders.

Their dogs are living a sweet life on a 30 acre ranch that’s been converted to accommodate dogs instead of horses. Visitors are welcome by appointment almost every weekend throughout the year to come and visit their doggy dude ranch and meet the pack of dogs and see them playing out in the fields or in the indoor arena that is setup for rally training.

Carol Bryant:

“A dog lover of the highest order,” is how Gayle King introduced Carol Bryant when she and her Cocker Spaniel appeared on Oprah Radio’s Gayle King show to dish dogs. When she isn’t working, writing, or diversifying her dog’s squeaky ball collection, Carol, like many pet bloggers, helps to spread the word about pets in need.

Carol works with BlogPaws pet blogger social media community and conferences and runs her own online magazine style dog blog, Fidose of Reality, in addition to writing for Pet360 and other publications, so she knows a thing or two about dogs.





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