Pets Teach Us So Much Radio, 103, Chicken Daycare and Well Groomed Dogs

We are not kidding!  Well kind of- Angie Bailey and Nicky Westbrook join us to discuss their 6 show mockumentary titled, Fowl Play.  Always funny, Angie and Nicky give us something to crow about in this egg-cellent adventure.  Ok…think we are out of chicken references.  Fluffing our feathers about it too.  Going home to roost on this one. Yeah, that’s what we’re clucking about.

Would you trust your chicks to these chicks?

Would you trust your chicks to these chicks?

Here is a little preview for ya!

Plus! Elena Volnova and  Domenico Ponti, co-founders of Dog Fashion Spa will be here to talk about grooming to the “nth” degree.  They have the super spa line for keeping your pooch smelling and looking good.

Join us live on Thursday, August 8th at 6:00 PM EST on or download us anytime here on our site, iTunes or stitcher.




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