Pet Radio Show, Pets Teach Us So Much, Discusses Celebrating Small Triumphs

Pet radio show, Pets Teach Us So Much features a Love Genies segment every week aimed at helping people live the life they love with their pets.  Episode 89 discusses the benefits of Celebrating Small Triumphs…listen to the episode for the full discussion.  Here is a synopsis of what Robbin and Joseph Everett, The Love Genies, discussed-


Celebrate small triumphs

Celebrate small triumphs

Celebrate Small Triumphs

Chachala, our Chihuahua, loves to help us.  If we drop something on the floor, she brings it back to us.  Philomena, our Miniature Pinscher is learning to do this as well.  If Joe gives Cha or Phil something and tells them to bring it to me, they will.  We always give them lots of praise when they complete the task.

You may be saying, “No big deal”.  However, celebrating their accomplishments makes them feel so proud.  They prance and parade around the room, wagging their tails and tossing their toys into the air.

Which leads us to our Love Genies thought for the day, the importance of celebrating our own small triumphs.

Dealing with all that we have to deal with during the day, can leave us feeling drained.  Sometimes the mass of tasks that we need to accomplish just seems overwhelming! Work, kids, pets, wash, cleaning, food shopping, house maintenance, car maintenance, pet maintenance and our own body maintenance leave us little time to actually do the things we truly love to do.

Whether it’s taking the dog for a long walk or spending time crafting, watching sports or hanging out with friends, these things that give us pleasure take a back seat to the thing we need to get done every week, like go food shopping.

Cell phones and emails, although so fantastic in so many ways, have quickened to pace of everyday life.  This pace is draining and we need to find a way to recharge our minds, bodies and souls.

We often find ourselves focusing on the 100 things we need to do instead of the 1 thing we did.  Celebrating the small triumphs in life is so underrated.  Remember when we were kids?  We used to be so proud when we learned to tie our shoe or complete our ABC’s?

What happened to that feeling of wonder, awe and pride?  Was it replaced by that feeling of “Reality bites and I’m not doing what I love because I have to pay the bills and honestly, I don’t even know what I love to do anymore?”

Here is one way to help you refocus and rebalance your life.

Make a list of your weekly to dos and your big list of other stuff you need to get done.  Once you figure out what you need to get done on a weekly basis and when, add in time that is “Me Time” (MT).  Schedule your fun time during the time you are at your best.  For example, if you are a morning person, schedule your MT at the time you are most awake.  Warning! Make sure you do not need to be bionic to accomplish what is on your list.  Keep your list realistic and doable.

During those stressful times at work, take a moment to think about the craft project you are going to work on this weekend or the special trip you are going to take with your pet.  This mental break helps give you the motivation you need to get all of the mundane stuff out of the way so you will have the time you want this weekend to pursue your MT.

Mentally celebrate the fact that you did the wash on Monday night and went food-shopping Tuesday as planned.  It may sound silly, but when you work toward a goal, you are just motivating yourself and enjoying life.

Life is so short.  Planning realistic goals, celebrating small triumphs and making MT will keep your spirits up and help keep you from burning out.


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