Pet Product Review: Tasman’s Bison Chews and $50 Give Away

Pet Product Review: Tasman’s Bison Chews and $50 Give Away.

Tasman's Premium Buffalo Rawhide Products Pet Product Test: Tasman's Premium Buffalo Rawhide Products

Our girls love to chew rawhides.  We would buy them big bags of chews at bulk buy stores. They would chew them at night while they were watching TV. (Yes, our dogs watch TV.)  Then Joe and I started reading about anti-biotics and hormones injected into food source meats and stopped giving them the cow raw hides. For more information about anti-biotics and hormones in food source meat, please read this article posted on our blog yesterday and watch Show 27 where we discuss the movement to natural pet food and snack products.

So we were left with a void in their night time chewy-yum-yum treats.  Laugh if you want to, but we were upset and so were they.  Cha and Phil would wait by the box where the cow raw hides were kept and stare at us. Quietly whimpering, while they piled on the guilt, we were not aware that Tasman’s Natural Bison Treats could be an alternative.

Tasman’s has this information on their website, which we found very interesting…

“We Take possession of the raw Bison Hides immediately after harvesting at USDA or State Inspected facilities, and maintain custody of the hides until they become the best rawhide chews available today.  Unlike most rawhide chews, ours are made with only Bison hides (And soon Elk) and we know EXACTLY where they came from and when they were harvested.  Many other rawhide chew companies would be hard pressed to tell you exactly where the hides they used to make their chews come from, unless they are also the tannery producing the raw material (second layer of the hide).   Also, unlike most, if not all, rawhide Chew companies that rely on the second layer of the skin, we often use the entire Bison Hide including the top (full grain) layer in our chews.

The Bison are truly 100% natural animals and there are never any hormones or antibiotics used in raising them.  While they are ranch raised, mainly on family ranches, they live predominantly the way they did thousands of years ago grazing on the pesticide free prairies of the north and west.   As a plus, they are the only Bovine animal native to North America.”

The Tasman site also states that they challenge people to let their dogs taste test the buffalo hide chews against the cow chews, film it and send it to them.  They are very confident that your dog will prefer the bison rawhide chew over the cow rawhide chew.  We really didn’t want to offer the cow chews to our dogs because this is not just about the taste and preference, for us, it’s about the overall well being of our pets.

If we didn’t read the article in the Chicago Tribune which we referenced earlier, we may not have been as vigilant as we are now, both for ourselves and our dogs.  Anti-biotic free and hormone free are way better alternatives. Now onto the yum-o-make-my-curly-tail-and-nub-wag-factor.

WOW!   They are totally into these chews, wouldn’t you agree?

Let’s hear it straight from the source: Paws up rating time!

Chachala the Chihuahua: “Oh these are delicious and quite woofy woo! My curly tail is in overdrive!  Totally 4 paws up and I am one happy Cha!”

Philomena the Min Pin: Mmmm, chomp-a –licious!   What are we watching tonight on the TV?  I am so happy to have my night-night snack back! Last one in the bed is a cat! I’m rating these 4 paws up and a nubby tail wag.”

Now onto the fabulous swag! Tasman’s is sponsoring a $50.00 e-certificate valid for purchasing chews from their site!  What a great prize!

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21 thoughts on “Pet Product Review: Tasman’s Bison Chews and $50 Give Away

  1. I am with you, I stopped giving the cow raw hides about 2 years ago, when I saw Food Inc, I was just so horrified. I would definitely love to try this alternative with my pups and see if they enjoy them as much as yours do.

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  3. The PR Canine Consultant for the CatAWhack Crew would love 100% all natural chews that are free from antibiotics and hormones. The office is considering chipping in to get him a gift basket. 🙂

  4. Hello & Belly rubs:

    Want to know if this is open to us as we live in Canada!?

    Have a barking great day/weekend,
    Christine & Buddy Boy

  5. Hello & Belly Rubs as we want to know if this is open to me (Buddy Boy) as I live in Canada!?..

  6. Hi. I follow you on twitter @marie926 and I am also a member of your dog lovers community! WOOF WOOF Pearl, Grace and Prince are anxiously awaiting!! Smiles for you day!

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