Pet Product Review: Nose Offense


As pet owners, we are often times exposed to those unpleasant pet odors such as wet dog or cat box stinkies.  Nose Offense is a new product on the market aimed at making the world a better smelling place. It’s a green/eco-friendly odor neutralizer.

We tested Nose Offense on some bedding and dog box odors. It does not have a scent, so you are not masking an odor with a fragrance, which is really great.  We wouldn’t want flowery-poo smell because you know that’s what happens if you just spray a scent to mask and odor.

It is organic and safe for people and pets.  Our Philomena is a licker…so if you wipe down her crate or spray it with something she will always lick off any remaining molecules.  At least with this product, we don’t have to worry about the toxic chemicals harming her.

It really worked well!  Here is a little more information about the product:

-It’s biodegradable

-The spray bottle is made from recycled plastic

-The inner section of the shipping carton is constructed using 100% recycled material  and the carton itself in recyclable.

-The plastic bags used in the shipping are biodegradable

-Even the shipping labels are made from recycled paper.

We will awarding some product as a prize in the future.  For more information about this product, go to .


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