PET PEOPLE ROCK! Pet Blogger Support Saturday-Woofy Woo to you!

As you may know, Blog Paws is taking place this weekend in Columbus, Ohio. It is the first ever conference for Pet Bloggers!

So we thought we would give everyone who is a Pet Blogger in the entire blogoshpere a chance to McLinky their pet blog, whether attending or not, in a show of solidarity to all of our anipeeps who love anipals! Pet Blogger Support is all about supporting other pet bloggers through commenting on their blogs.

Grab the support badge code to the right and put it on your site letting others know you love comments and networking!

Once a week we will feature a pet blogger for all pet lovers (and our substantial audience) to check out! As a fellow blogger, leave a comment on our post highlighting one of your fellow pet bloggers. Then, check the person’s blog on the comment before your comment and leave a comment on that person’s blog. It’s a great way to start a “Pay it Forward” on comments. We can support each other, have fun and make new friendships with fellow pet bloggers.

We might give you the Woofy Woo shout out on a weekly spotlight or on a show. The more active you are on our site, the better your chances of being featured! (Don’t forget to follow and friend up!)

When you see a Pet Blogger Support Badge, always leave a comment on the blog! It’s our way of supporting each other! We all need a warm fuzzy! Pet People Rock!

Proud Pet Bloggers That Grabbed the Badge. Friend, follow, network blogs and support each other.

Viva la Pet Blogoshpere and Viva la Woofy Woo! Have a Great Weekend!

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5 thoughts on “PET PEOPLE ROCK! Pet Blogger Support Saturday-Woofy Woo to you!

  1. Great badge–I added to my site and tweeted about it!
    follow me @dailydogscoop or

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