Pet News: Is a Pet Ménagerie à Trois Too Much For New Couples?

Who was here first?

Was your pet living with you before your significant other?  If so, there is a good chance you have experienced some form of jealousy from your pet regarding your new relationship.  The sideways glance and chortle or snort are just a few of the techniques used by our four legged friends who may feel displaced by your new relationship.

Cats and dogs scratching at the bedroom door if they are locked out while  meowing or barking in dismay.  It’s no wonder they aren’t sharpening the kitchen knives while plotting their evil revenge.  You see quite frankly, they feel replaced.  Much like what could happen when a new pet is brought into the home, it’s difficult making the transition from the one who used to share your vanilla ice cream to the one who is relegated to the floor without couch time. Say it isn’t so!

Easing the transition while introducing a new pride or pack member can take time. We all know how manipulative the little furry buggers can be, (regardless of what scientific research may not support the logic and reasoning side of the pet brain).    Spending “Special time” with your pet and holding firm when “No means no” will help ease your pets transition from being an only pet to being a member of your new family.

Allow your new significant other to have special bonding time with your pet as well. Training and playing with your pet establishes the newcomer as a member of the family.  Your pet will see your new partner as a new “treat giver” and “ear scratcher” if you allow some bonding between the two.

Until everyone settles in, try not to stress out and group hug!

Woofy Woo!

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