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As 2012 fades away, we realize we are in the last quarter of another wonderfully depressed economic year in the crapper.  You know we don’t mince words here at Pets Teach Us So Much, so lets call it as we see it.  Real estate values are still down, gas prices are rising and we are all frustrated.

We can gloss the numbers as the politicians are telling us things are getting better.  We don’t see that happening, do you?  There aren’t fabulous jobs and we certainly can’t get top dollar for our homes.

Why are these issues important?  They set the stage for the tone of the coming year.  People aren’t spending bucket loads of cash on luxury products.  Pet consumers will continue to drive the market with issues that are close to our hearts and that make a difference in our lives.

So lets take a look at what we are predicting:

1. We don’t want to be BIG FOOT with our Carbon Paw print.

We will continue to be conscious of our Carbon Paw print. Products such as cat litter containing pine, corn and wheat and pet beds you fill with your own repurposed blankets and cloths will continue to peak consumer interest.

Recycled rubber pet toys and bowls, eco-friendly materials and natural pet washes and remedies will grow as a serious market sector.  Pet owners will look to repurpose what they were going to send to Good Will.  For example, ideas such as repurposing a muffin tin to use as a pet bowl for a dog who turns into “wolf” when it comes to feeding time, will reduce the chance of bloat and save you $25 on a special bowl.

Birkenstock sandals and patchouli oil no longer separate this consumer from the main stream.  These products interest a highly educated consumer class willing to spend a tiny bit more to leave a smaller carbon paw print.

2. No more beaks and tails in pet food! Pet Health and nutrition is king!



Pet consumers are becoming increasingly educated and aware of what their pet feeding options are.  This year alone, widely distributed, tainted chicken jerky treats from China killed over 400 pets and consumers are angry and arming themselves with information.

High end, gluten free, nutritious foods will continue to grow as a market sector driven by educated consumers.   Specialty shopping at big box stores, the internet and local retailers will grow as a result of this trend.  Supermarkets will need to offer premium brands if they want to keep the consumer spending money in the store.

3.  Pet Pawrents will Bark and Purr over Social Media.

A very social pup!

A very social pup!

Pet owners read pet related blogs, listen to pet related podcasts and use the internet to communicate with other pet owners.  Social media will continue to enable the global pet community to make the world a smaller place by assisting pets to become friends and share information via the web.

Pet owners will commune via Facebook and Twitter, while finding information and entertainment on the net.  People can relate to each other and share stories about their pets regardless of their location while they feel a genuine sense of community.

Pet products staying ahead of the curve with this trend will be advertising on the blogs and on podcasts leveraging the good will pet new media creators have built over time.  But beware, this market is honest and may refuse market segments they feel strongly about forgoing advertising revenue.

4. Pet Safety awareness Will Help Us Coddle and Swaddle Our Pets

Wrapped up and safe! (Picture:

Wrapped up and safe! (Picture:

New Jersey’s pending pet seat belt law is an excellent example of how keeping our pets safe will translate into pet product sales.  Seat belt restraints and car carriers will see an increase in sales as we gain awareness of keeping our pets safe while we travel.

Products such as light up night time collars, reflective leashes, pet evacuation safety kits, floatation jackets and the like will gain market share and shelf space at your local store or on your favorite internet site.

With the $52 billion dollar pet product market place growing, we will frequently update you on the latest trends here on our blog and on our pet radio show, Pets Teach Us So Much.


If you are interested in interviewing Robbin and Joseph Everett, Pet Trendologists, Animal Advocates and Pet Lifestyle Experts for your blog, radio or television show or business, send an inquiry to  The Everetts are available to speak about Pet Trends at industry events.

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