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***Fabulous Pet Fashion Designer Karen Varley from PJNYDogwear posted this advice for continued comfort and joy past the holiday season.  Karen will be a guest on Pets Teach Us So Much Radio, January 30 plus you can MEET Karen in person at the Super Pet Expo, February 7-9.  PJNYDogwear is the fashion sponsor for our show and you will see fab fashion strutting the runway from her line at the show. (Use discount code TPPC when you buy your tickets on line and save $3 per ticket.)***

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Year-round Comfort and Joy

As the holidays wind down, a recent post on, (Baby boomers adopting canine companions’) got me thinking.

As reported by Harris Interactive, seventy-four percent of those born between 1946 and 1964 own a dog.  In some studies boomers who own pets have lower blood pressure and less depression than their pet-less peers.  Think Betty White, she’s 91.  She’s a champion of animal rights and pet ownership.  Her joyful manner continues to charm the world.  (Yes, I know.  Its not just the pet ownership that keeps her so youthful.  Just sayin’).

Which brings me to this:  You’d have to be a real curmudgeon not to at least crack a smile at the sight of a miniature doxie in a camo hoodie.  Even the larger dogs are strutting their stuff in the latest fashion trends.  Lets face it, every dog needs a raincoat to keep their wet weather walks on schedule.   As the boomers doted on their children, they now dote on their pets.  Pet rescue appeals to the life-long sense of activism of this generation and if they can outfit their pet family in adorable duds, why not?  Good for the animal.  Good for the owner.  Good for the pet fashion industry.  For those involved in this industry, it’s an exciting time.  Growth projections are good for the pet clothing space and knowing that you’re contributing to keeping these animals warm and dry (and stylish) is a great way to make a living.

So here’s my New Year’s Rx for year round ‘comfort and joy’:  Adopt a pet.  Care for it.  Keep it warm and cozy in clothing that makes its’ tail wag.  Smile.

PJNY dogwear

In the spirit of ‘doing well by doing good’, PJNY dogwear, a NYC based pet apparel company, donates 10% of all proceeds of sales to pet rescue shelters.  Doggie fashion with compassion is their driving force and their commitment to ‘Made in America’ continues.


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