Pet Blogger Support Saturday salutes “The Other Winnie Cooper” and “Up for Pups”

As promised, this week features two great pet blogs! In no particular order, first is a cutie patootie, Winnie Cooper-

Winnie as an Ewok (This is just precious!)-Winnie Cooper

Winnie is super cute!  One of those fur babies you want to cuddle ’till the cows come home.

The Other Winnie Cooper, from the author:

a shih-tzu (pronounced shee-tzoo, y’know not thatother way you may have heard it said).

Winnie likes short walks and heading straight home as soon as her business is completed. She likes taking naps in her toy box, snuggling on the couch and licking her sister’s ear.

Winnie takes her cuteness seriously.

Winnie’s blog has great pics, product info and a great spirit about it.

And for our second salute, Up for Pups:

From the authors

Up For Pups is a community of artists using our talents for animal advocacy. While our main focus is delivering the message that dogs and cats are not “crops” or “things” and should not be treated as such, we applaud all creative humane education efforts that encourage people to STAND UP FOR PUPS, and we will consider artistic endeavors in all forms to become part of our supportive community.

Up For Pups’ first creation, Don’t Kill Bill: A Dog Lover’s Night Out, is a unique twist and spin on humane education. This roller-coaster of emotion, which couples a dynamic recounting of stories about the love and joy adopted dogs bring to their new homes with an unforgettable aerial fabric performance, has people across the nation STANDING UP FOR PUPS!

The Up For Pups site looks like it’s written by passionate people who really care.  We love to see that!

Do check out these blogs and send them some Pet Blogger Love! You will be glad you did.

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