Pet Blogger Support Saturday Salutes, “The Naughty Kitty Club”

The Naughty Kitty Club is a hoot, er a Meow!

Founded by Barney from House of Cats, this clever blog will keep you and your kitty friends entertained furrr sure. If you have/are a “Naughty Kitty”, this might be the purrrrfect place for you to hone your bad cattitude!  This adorable blog features a “Naughty Kitty Checklist”.

Here is a sample from the blog:

“We got a great Naughty Kitty checklist from Munchkin at Talk with the Paws – we thought it was perfect for all the naughty kitties who might need suggestions! Here is a repost – we hope you like it!

Hai, dis is Munchkin speakin’

I haz developed a checklist of 10 impawtent fings to look fur, so all kitties can pick the most pawsome time to do sumpin notty.  Here it is:

1)  Are the beans resting on the couch, and comfy?   Yes____  No____
2)  Are the beans busy eating a meal?   Yes____ No____
3)  Is Mom bean trying to fold the laundree?   Yes____ No____
4)  Is Mom or Dad bean trying to change out da bed covers?   Yes____  No____
5)  Is one of da beans standin der wif a closit door open?  Yes____ No____”

And now look as some of these adorable hints on how to get your “Naughty” on…

“And now, heer is how to figger out yur ackshuns–sum of dem are furry obvius, but sum are tricky.
Dees are da ackshuns yoo should takes fur effurry “Yes” anser:

1)  Get into sumpin at da odder end of da howse, and make a lot of noise abowt it.  Purrtend you do not heers dem tellin you to ‘cut it owt.’  Stop only after you haz made dem just get up offa da couch.
2)  If your beans eat at da table, roam around under der chairs an’ between der feets, meowin’ pitifully, like you has not been fed in 6 months.  If your beans eat on da couch, like ours do, then dis is da time to get up on da table, an,’ jus’ like in #1, do not get down until you haz made dem get up.
3)  Oh, dis is a fun one, and I iz sure, one of da obvius ones.  Clean, warm laundree is such fun to lie in, hide in, and whap!  You kin keep purrtendin’ you iz gettin’ down when told to, an sneek back aroun da odder side, and git into it agin!  Great game!
4)  Anodder fun game!  Git on da bed, and grab hold wif your clawz when da beans try to put you down.  After dey do get yoo off, get back up on da odder side.  Repeat.  When da sheets is cummin on, da beans cannot see da bed for a few sekkinds..dat iz da time to pownce rite unnderneath, makin a lump.  One of our fafuurite games.
5)  Well, dis one iz a no-brainer!  Sneek into da closit, and go alla way in da back an refewse to come out.  Make dem work at gittin’ yoo owt.  Jus when dey almos has hold of yoo…put on yur turbo-boost, and scoot owt like da wind.  MOL”

Do stop by and give these cool cats some pet bloggy love.  You will be glad you did.

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