Pet Blogger Support Saturday Salutes, “The Cat/Dog Log”

The Cat/Dog Log is an excellent source of information for pet owners who are interesting in finding out more about natural, chemical free alternatives for their pets.

About the Blog, from the Author:

“…Our cocker spaniel Abby had been suffering with chronic skin allergies and ear infections for several years. She was on Prednisone for the skin itching and antibiotics for the itching ears, and it had progressed to the point where neither of the medications were doing much good. She was miserable.

So began my quest to improve her health and find a natural alternative for her allergies. Approximately 1 month after changing her diet, her itching was greatly relieved, and I began weening her off the Prednisone. A simple breeder’s home remedy solved her itching ear problem and she no longer needs antibiotics…In addition to pet health, my blog covers information we have learned over the years for staying healthy and reducing chemical exposure in our lives. I pass along tips we’ve learned about diet, natural cleaning solutions, gardening tips, and generally anything to help you have a healthier home environment.”

This is a really great  blog chocked full of information.  Do stop by and say hello! You will be glad you did.

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