Pet Blogger Support Saturday Salutes, “Paws and Effect”

JaneA Kelly is a "Hip Cat" and author of Paws and Effect. Photo:Paws and Effect

A kit-and-kaboodle or kaboodle of kittens write Paws and Effect, an informative blog with their mewmie, JaneA Kelly.  We had the pleasure of meeting the top cat author at Blog Paws East 2010. (She is featured on our show, performing a casting call “Woofy Woo” in Episode 24 with the expressed permission of her cats.)

About Paws and Effect by the Author:

“Paws and Effect is a weekly advice column written by Siouxsie Mew, Thomas T. Bombadil and Dahlia P. Kittenface — with some help from their mama, webmeister and chief cat slave JaneA Kelley. We answer letters from readers about questions related to cat health, cat behavior, relationships between cats and humans or cats and other animal–basically, if it’s about cats, we’ll answer it. We’re not veterinarians, nor do we claim to be. But we all cherish the relationship cats have with their people and we want to help make that relationship a good one for all parties. We’ve been writing Paws and Effect since 2003, and we intend to keep writing Paws and Effect for many years to come!”

So do give them a shout out and show them some pet bloggy love.

Woofy Woo!

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