Pet Blogger Support Saturday Salutes “Teeny’s Friends”

Teeny is the cutie on duty!

A super woofy woo shout out to a blog which does great things for our furry friends! Teeny’s Friends blog holds monthly toy drives for animal related charities.  Homeless animals awaiting adoption break our heart to begin with….to think they don’t even have a little toy to play with breaks our heart even more.

About Teeny’s Friends:

“Teeny’s Friends primarily operates by raising toys through monthly toy drives. Each month we place bins at an animal-related organization for two weeks. After the two weeks are over, we pick up the bins and collect the toys, which will in turn be donated to an animal-related charity. We like to let the host choose the beneficiary group, so that everyone gets a chance to benefit, as many people have a favorite organization (many times one that we wouldn’t have heard about otherwise!) so that the toys get spread out more evenly and fairly! Each month the toy drive location and beneficiary organization is posted on this blog, as well as on our Facebook and our Twitter. If you are in the Austin, TX area and would like to either host or benefit, please email us at

Another way we help needy dogs is with our official Teeny’s Friends one-fur-one toy. When you purchase one, we donate one to a needy dog in a shelter. They are only $4.99, and you can find ordering information and a photo of the toy by clicking on the above link, as well as in the right-hand sidebar (which is available on all pages).”

Teeny’s Friends blog is very interesting, there is a lot going on so check it out!  Teeny’s Friends work hard to make each adoptable fur babies day a little brighter.  Way to go, 4 paws up for Teeny’s Friends!

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