Pet Blogger Support Saturday congratulates Furrydance Cats Blog

What’s better than following the going’s on of a herd errr…pride of gorgeous Cornish Rex cats?  Adding in a Sphinx cat named “Disco NoFurNo”. (Totally our kind of cat name!)


Pictured above: BRIGHTON, COCO, KIKI

SAMMY and stylish kitteh DISCO NOFURNO

The Curlz and Swirlz, Life with Cornish Rex the author, Teri puts it, is a blog filled with so much love and light for animals.  Not only does she have great pictures and musings or meowsings on her blog, but she also raises money and awareness.

About the Author from the Author:

I have been a veterinary technician since I was in my 20s, work at my first all cat practice and find it very zen-like. I also share my life with the Cornish Rex cats I breed and show. They force me get up in the morning. They make me sleep in on the weekends. I lost my soulmate, Mike, on February 22, 2007. I have lost my assumptive future, not that the future will be bad, it will just not be what I thought it was going to be. He adored me, shared my goals, made a formerly happy single woman into a very happy married woman. Mike passed physically, but spiritually, he will be with me always. I once lived with an outdoor instructor, have rock climbed, snow camped and hunted mushrooms. I have not sold my skis, but have to tell you that they have not seen the light of day in about 12 years. Lived in California, Oregon, Alabama and currently Virginia. Traveled to Portugal once and England many times. I love exotic foods as well as All-American fare. I am sad, I am happy, I am lucky, I am unlucky. I had a good life before I met Mike; I had an enviable life with him; I hope to have a happy future and know that friends can help me realize that goal.

A badge on her blog states that she attended BlogPaws.  We were wondering Teri, if you were one of the ladies with adorable cats in the strollers.

Do stop by and give some Pet Bloggy love to these wonderful and cool cats at FurryDance.

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