Pet Blogger Support Saturday Congratulates Enlightened Ferret!

Awww! Ferrets are adorable! Photo credit: ems solutions

Woofy Woo! Enlightened Ferret getting some Pet Blogger Love!
Joe and I met Jo at Blog Paws this past weekend!  Her blog is wonderful and so is she!  Even if you are not a ferret pawrent, her blog is insightful and full of great pet peep spirit!
More about Jo and her blog: (AKA Informed Ferret on Twitter)
“Jo is a freelance writer and ferret blogger who shares her home with 3 ferrets (James and Lance and ManChester), a bloodhound (Trixie),a parakeet (Ghost) and roommate Judy. In this crazy household anything is likely to happen and could end up on this blog. I am about educating the public about ferrets. I am nuts about them but they are not for everyone and are illegal in some places. I don’t know everything there is to know about ferrets. I hope you will follow me on the journey to become enlightened about these wonderful little thieves that have stolen my heart.”

Please stop by and give Jo some Pet Blogger Support! Woot!

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