Pet Blogger Support Salutes “Ladybug Blessings”

Happy Pet Blogger Support Sunday-

Today we take a look at an adorable crafty girl and pet blog (two of our favs), Ladybug Blessings:

From the author, Kristen:

I live my life for the Lord striving to follow Him in everything that I say and do. Glass is half full. Most days I’m comfortable just being myself. I live outside of Nashville and absolutely love it.

Loves: God, traveling, crafts, blogging, photography, jewelry making, sewing, laughing, music, movies, children, my dogs (Chloe, Pancake & Bailey) being with my friends, Sonic vanilla Coke (maybe a little too much!), pink, gadgets, adventure, animals and more.

Other’s Who May Appear (in no particular order) (pictures soon)

Pancake: My rescue dog. She is really my little shadow. She is a shih tzu and I saw her picture on Petfinder and drove to get her 1.5 hours (I dragged my sister along) the next day. Her tail is constantly wagging and she is truly the happiest little thing ever.

Bailey: She is a Cairn Terrier and is 13 years old. Basically the world revolves around her and if she doesn’t feel like doing something she won’t. She loves to lick and say hi but it is on her terms.

Chloe: Mutt my sister found roaming the streets of Memphis. This dog is full of personality and is always “talking” to you. Loves her morning walks with my mom and her favorite toy is her soccer ball that she stole from me.

Izzy: My sister’s cat who my parents have since adopted (he came home one time and then never left). He is half dog/ half cat as everything is still on his terms but he likes to make appearances at meal time, when you come home and at night. Loves to spend time outside on his leash.

Do give them a woofy woo shout out, you will be glad you did!

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