One Woman’s View: Pet Loving Sisters! Join me in the revolution-Blue Nail Polish…sometimes you just need to live a little.

It is often we hear of a tragedy befallen a family or friend that makes us reflect on our own lives.  An illness, death of a family member, friend, pet, job loss etc. sometimes makes us take stock of where we are in life and where we want to be.  Even a birthday can make you reexamine your life.  Where is our “Bucket list”?   Have we made progress or are we plodding through the day to day?

What are you doing for yourself to feel alive?  To feel the verve of a summer day..wind in your hair and all that sort of “stuff”.  It may not be a lavish trip or an expensive meal that you would treat yourself to, but a simple thing that makes you feel good.  I needed to go there.

For me this week, this was it.

Blue Nails! Via La Revolution! Join me in middle aged revolt!

Blue nail polish.  Rebel without a cause?  Hellian extraordinaire?  Middle aged woman facing a birthday?  Yes to all of the above.  Schmell it world, I have blue nails today.  I am throwing  caution to the wind!  Dangerously walking where I have not gone before…e-v-e-r!  I have never had blue nail polish on my nails!  And let me tell you pet loving sisters, it feels good!

I feel like Chachala and Philomena with a new squeaky toy or a piece of steak!  There is no stopping me! Grrrrr, squeak, squeak grrr!

Join me in the blue nail revolution!  Viva la blue nail revolution!  Paint your nails blue and send us a picture with a little blurb about how it made you feel! Grrrrr, squeak, squeak, grrrr! (Tail wags and woofy woo to you!)

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