One Animal At A Time

When we say we can change the world one animal at a time, we mean it.   

The story below was emailed to us by our friend Kelly  at Antler Ridge Wildlife Sanctuary.   

Today  I got a call from my neighbor letting us know that there is a swan in the middle of the road in Johnsonburg.  I thought to my self..Sunday morning, 8am..give it a while and she will move on.  But, 2 hours comes another neighbor..”Hurry, hurry!  The swan almost got hit by a car!’

So, off we go to get the swan.

It seems she/he must have gotten frozen somewhere and lost some of its flight we catch it and bring it back to antler ridge. After a few hours of observation the swan is fine, just needs to be on a pond.  So I called Melinda and she said “Of course!’

Here is the swan on Melinda’s pond for recovery. Signed Kelly…just another day at Antler Ridge


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Concerned people, just like you, making a difference one animal, one rescue at a time.


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