Once the 4th of July Comes, The Summer is Over.

Growing up, we used to hear the “Old Timers” saying “Stuff” that just didn’t make sense to us at the time.  We all know it couldn’t possibly have been our lack of knowledge at a young age or life inexperience.  That just couldn’t have been the case, right?

Well, growing up, one of my friend’s Grandma used to say, “Once the 4th of July comes, the Summer is over.”  As a kid I used to think, now,  wait a cotton-pickin’ minute here…we have about 8 weeks until Labor Day…the unofficial close of summer and dreaded back to school time, so why are you saying that?

Summer lasts f-o-r-e-v-e-r when you are a kid.  Sunny days are great!  We used  to ride our bikes, run through sprinklers, go to the community pool and eat ice pops as the melted colored juice used to drip down our fingers.  We used to take our family dog to the school playground and pretend we were running an obstacle course or doggie-play-date with the other kids before anyone knew what a play date was.

All we can say is, “Now we know.”  I can’t really put into words why the Summer seems to be over after July 4th, but I guess as you get older, time goes faster. Social obligations, life obligations, and the mundane day to day  really take a bite out of the Summer.  Joe and I say it all of the time now, “Once July 4th comes, the Summer is Over.”

Try to take some time to be a kid again.  Put things in perspective and enjoy the weekends.  The laundry and dust bunnies will still be their come Monday. Does anyone want to go for a bike ride and have an ice pop?  We will meet you on the corner.  No cell phones allowed. If you would like to put your Barbie Doll in the basket of your bike and take her for a ride, that would be OK too.

Woofy Woo!

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